Stop Smoking Help

Acupuncture – help you to stop smoking

Acupuncture works in erasing the desire and the need to smoke. It has become a method of choice to stop smoking. It helps in reducing the physical and emotional craving, acupuncture is the easiest and most comfortable way to rid oneself of the smoking addiction.

Very few withdrawal symptoms are experienced because the acupuncture treatment counteracts the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The patient feels a sense of calm and tranquility after the treatment, and this feeling lasts between treatments. There is no sense of the need to increase one’s appetite while being treated by acupuncture.

When using acupuncture treatment to help you give up smoking, you could either choose to stop smoking suddenly, at the start of treatment, or to gradually withdraw from smoking.

Stop suddenly: With this approach, the critical time is in the first week or two. You should not regard it as a failure if you take one cigarette. This is still a great reduction compared to before the start of your cessation campaign. Rather regard yourself as withdrawing gradually.

Gradual withdrawal: This approach is easier on the body. Acupuncture treatment changes the taste of cigarettes, which would usually help you to give up. You should:

  • Gradually increase the time between cigarettes, and
  • reduce the amount of each one smoked.
  • Make a record of the number of cigarettes, and the amount of each cigarette smoked.

The disadvantage of this approach is that the usual triggers to smoke are still present.


Further information available at stopsmokinguk – a  non-commercial information and advice provider for smokers. They have extensive information on their website and are available to answer queries and questions from the smokers who use their advice service