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I have been having regular treatments with Wright Acupuncture for a year. I initially contacted Paul to try acupuncture for very deep-rooted insomnia. I wasn’t sure if my condition would ever improve, but I have had very positive results with acupuncture treatment. For me it has taken quite some time for my sleep patterns to begin to normalise, but through the course of treatment I have discovered that sleep problems are part of a deeper imbalance in the body. Acupuncture treatment has worked incrementally, prompting the body to restore that balance, and treatment addresses both the physical and emotional context of illness. I have also found individual treatments extremely effective during times of particular stress, or simply to help adjust to seasonal or life changes. Paul is a patient and attentive practitioner who is interested in the whole person. He has made sure that each treatment has been a positive therapeutic experience, and works to address any issues as they arise. If you are considering trying acupuncture treatment, but perhaps feel unsure or apprehensive, then I would really recommend that you get in touch with Paul. He will explain the treatment fully, and make you feel comfortable and at ease. I am delighted that I have been introduced to acupuncture at this practice, and look forward to continuing to reap the benefits even as my health improves.

Rachel, Age 36

I have been receiving treatment from Paul for some years with good effect. Not only does he use his medical knowledge and experience to relieve my back pain but his whole manner of approach to my situation gives encouragement and helps for the healing process to continue. He is to be commended for his professionalism and gentle calming attitude and i know i will continue to do well

Doreen, Age 92

I visited Paul at the end of my first trimester in Pregnancy to try to help with crippling lower back pain. In just one session I immediately felt relief and continued treatment for a number of other sessions throughout pregnancy to keep the worst of the back pain at bay! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone, he is very knowledgeable, friendly and explains very clearly the process of what he is doing so if you have any hesitations or fears, they are quickly assuaged.

Laura, Age 26

Paul has been giving me acupuncture 2 years, I would recommend his treatment, he has really helped my knees. Also helped me with other issues.


As a long term beneficiary of various treatments from “Wright Acupuncture” I cannot speak too highly of the excellent results gained from it. Paul is literally “One in a Million”. I am so glad I attended his clinic, first as an enjoyable luxury, but as my life changed to that of a full time Carer I spiralled rapidly downhill year after year after year, I was literally hanging on to sanity with my finger nails. I can truthfully admit that if it hadn’t been for the treatments and the calm reassurances in the safe comforting environment, I really would have sunk without trace. I owe my sanity to you. Thank you Paul

Elizabeth, Age 77

I am so happy I found Paul as a reflexologist. He is excellent and is really helping me to get cured from cancer therapy I have received this year. Thanks always Paul.


First thing is he’s a great guy. Secondly he’s exceptional in his field of work. Highly recommend


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