Hayfever and Allergy Acupressure Points

Hayfever or is it is known medically, allergic rhinitis is not a new phenomenon, and Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which developed in treating people whose lives were mainly spent outdoors, has a number of ways of understanding how the  symptoms present in terms of the systems of Chinese medicine and also how this can derive from a number of systemic weaknesses. This latter enterprise has been the subject of a great deal of debate amongst modern practitioners as the number of environmental factors which can create similar symptoms has escalated alarmingly. In short, Chinese medicine has a number of strategies for dealing with the various presentations of the condition, and also a way of looking at the overall health of the patient as a potential underlying factor which predisposes someone to the problem. This means that in many cases treatment is aimed at the person, not the symptoms, a strategy which underpinned a great deal of the practice.

The received wisdom inside the modern profession is that it is better to commence treatment before the time that the condition, if it is seasonal, would normally present, and our clinical experience has been that once the condition has kicked in, a reduction in the severity of the symptoms is the best that one can hope for. If the condition is always present, it can sometimes be a long haul to bring the system back to a point where the symptoms are minor and bearable.

Acupressure points to help with allergies and hayfever

Below is a list of points that you can use at home to help give some relief to your symptoms

Large Intestine 11 – Quchi
Location – Large Intestine 11 is located at the end of the crease formed when you bend your arm. It is the outside end of the crease, the point is usually tender on most people. Use the image below to help locate it

This point tonifies the immune system and is effective in treating cold and flus and heat and allergies such as itchy throats throats.
Stomach 36 – Leg Three Miles
Location – Stomach 36 is located about 4 fingerbreadths below the bottom of your kneecap and directly outside your shin bone (tibia) The point is normally tender and it is quite a large point. It may be a little difficult to reach yourself so maybe a willing partner can help! Massage both the left and right point on each leg at the same time
ST 36 copy.jpg
Stomach 36 is one of the most powerful points for boosting immunity and digestion, making sure you are absorbing all the nutrients you are taking in and stimulating your digestive tract to recover after antibiotics. It really help to build your energy reserves and balnce out the immune system
Lung 7 – Broken Sequence
Location – Lung 7 is located about 2 fingerbreadths below your wrist crease on the thumb side. There is a bump that protrudes at this point called the styloid process. The point is located just on the underside of the bone
Lung 7 does not have as much of a tender sensation as the other points so don’t worry if you don’t feel as much. The point really helps to strengthen your bodies resistance but also lessen the prominence of your allergy sypmtoms
How to stimulate the points
You can stimulate the points both morning and evening and I would normally put pressure on the points for about 10 seconds and then release for 10 seconds and repeat this 5 or 6 times so you are spending roughly 2 minutes on each point. You want to use enough pressure with your thumb or index finger that it feels slightly uncomfortable but not so much that it is painful